Thursday, 24 February 2011

Rough shots of a finished Shadowsword

Yesterday I finished assembly of my Shadowsword Super Heavy Tank. I added a normal Leman Russ and some infantry for good measure... and you can only be amazed at the size of this monster.
Time to to come up with a colour scheme and get the airbrush out...


  1. Go Go Lieven ;o)
    Keep this show on the road
    have you figured out a paint scheme yet?

  2. Master Griffit.... this feels like the Emperor himself walking into my humble workshop. I'm honoured to see that my feeble attempts have caught your eye.
    Being a WWII geek I had first considered a German 3-tone camo scheme of redbrown, dark yellow and dark green.
    Lately however I have been considering a 2-tone grey scheme. Will practice my rusty airbrush skills on the Leman Russ to try it out.....

  3. Add a tone of red to that grey and you've convinced me ;o)

    serious, the grey is a great idea, but you need a spot colour; in the 41st millenium it's not all about cammo. Red and Yellow work well but there are a lot op possibility's. if im not mistaken I have a WD with some examples for IG. I'll check, just give me a call if you want them


  4. Red-grey... sounds interesting enough. I was thinking along the lines of dark-grey and light-grey. Maybe even adding black and going for an alternate version of the three-tone NATO scheme.
    Can't call u since i don't have your number, but the WD schemes surely interest me. Maybe they can open my eyes for red and yellow on grey...
    I will most certainly pop in at Oberonn this week... maybe meet up there?

  5. This is getting silly :)
    send me a mail guido.kreemers at gmail
    and I'll give you some of the works :)