Tuesday, 1 February 2011

The Manticore has arrived...

My friend Xavier was so kind as to give me an Imperial Guard Manticore as a gift. Thanks my brother! I am more than pleased with this addition to my forces. What would my legions of infantry be without some heavy firepower to support them?

Assembly of this model went relatively well. Not too many pieces, easy construction. In stead of keeping track of fired rockets on a piece of paper I wanted a system where I could just remove fired rockets from the launch platform. Luckily some time ago, I had bought some small magnets from Komrad Kris. By putting a magnet in each rocket and placing one magnet on the carriage for each of the four rockets I am now able to just take the fired rocket from the model...

I know this is not done to perfection, but as I consider myself a noob and I am pleased with the result.

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